Mini Vacuum Cleaner Cum Duster For Home/Car/Office/Computers

  • Rs. 899.00
  • Save Rs. 1,000

  • Universal attachment – The cleaner can be attached to various vacuums, like your household or car vacuum cleaner and so on.
  • Save your time – No need to move objects anymore, flexible tubes can fix all. Long and flexible tubes have access to any deep corners, no longer need to do more job.
  • Get rid of all the dust-You couldn't reach before.Great for vents, keyboards, drawers, window blinds, furniture, cars and so much more. It is the best cleaning tool ever.
  • Dozens of flexible-Tiny suction tubes that can go nearly anywhere dust hides
  • High quality -Micro-size suction tubes is made of soft, high-quality plastic. High-quality hose will not break easily. It is durable and ensures that the pipe will not fall off during use.


This Cleaning Brush has multipurpose uses in your home. It cleans dirt and grime from smooth surfaces and also scraps away tough stains from windows, sliding doors and door tracks. It has tough elastic bristles that loosen dirt and grime. Ergonomic designed handle has a molded grip for a secure hold over the brush. The slim, narrow brush is designed to fit into those hard-to-reach grooves and crevices that most sponge cleaners often miss. A scraper on the opposite end scraps away tough dirt stains trapped in corners and crevices.

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