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  • Go Duster makes dusting fast, easy and fun! It's a handheld, completely cordless, battery operated (4AA)spinning duster that picks up dust like a magnet. It gets into hard to reach areas, conforms to all shapes and sizes and lets you dust without moving anything, saving you time and making your life easier. At the touch of a button, the Go Duster's removable head spins at 250 revs per minute, creating a static electricity charge on the tens of thousands of dusting fingers, picking up the dust like a magnet. Makes it very easy to clean items such as blinds, furniture, electronics, glass ware and delicate ornaments, plants, ceiling fans and hard to reach places When you're finished simply rinse it under running water and it dries as good as new. The Go Duster can be used with normal cleaning surface sprays to increase its effectiveness.It has 3 dusters with removable handle Extra-long for reaching those hard to get at places, Medium head for general cleaning & Mini-Head, great for the car, computer keyboards, and smaller items. Contains1 Multipurpose spray   
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