Car And Home Infrared Self Rotating-Rolling Head-Shoulder-Neck Massager with power plug

  • Rs. 1,199.00
  • Save Rs. 1,400

  • It reduces muscle stiffness, stimulates the skin & treats a wide range of conditions like fatigue, insomnia, stress. Anxiety, and muscular-skeletal pain including the lower back pain, neck pain & joint pain.
  • A one-key point at-home, easy to use massager Helps relieve pain in Back, neck and thighs Based on advanced infrared heat technology Promotes blood circulation.,
  • Efficacies: Full body Massage Cushion Shiatsu Pillow, style: Lumbar Neck Full body Massage Cushion, Color: brown, Unit Type: car home massager pillow, Appliance:: full body,neck,leg,waist, Function: Infrared heating vibrating, Tool type: Neck cervical traction, Item style: vibrating neck brace lumbar massage pillow
  • Brand new imported.
  • The perfect addition to your home, office & even in your car. This product is Non-Returnable.
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