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About the Product
Everybody desires long, healthy and glossy tangle free hair. But the harsh weather, hectic lifestyle and harmful chemical products make our hair prone to dry and damaged split ends. Regular trimmings are time & money consuming while shortening the hair length with every trim. This unique revolutionary product launched for the first time in India is a one device solution to all your worries. Now you can get rid of your split ends at the comfort of your home in a matter of minutes without even compromising on the length, as the unique technology cuts extremely minuscule ends so no visible difference in the length of the hair.
How it works: 


  • With freshly washed and dried hair, separate a thin 1 inch hair strand and pass the machine at least 3 times, as we use a hair straighter. The unique technology works by cutting extremely tiny ends of the hair strand through a rotating blade with precision no human hand can deliver.
  • The machine cuts just millimeter (cuts only 4 or 8 mm)of hair with precision as chosen by us. It gets rid of those undesirable,damaged & dry split ends, the best part being it does not strip any length unlike the conventional trimming.
  • It trims only the hair that are outside the hair outline, those frayed discolored bits of hair that make the hair frizzy, tangled, rough and unhealthy.
  • The difference is immediate, the hair is left with a super soft texture and a beautiful and healthy finish with exactly the same size.
  •  It is recommended that you use the trimmer every 60 / 90 days and be surprised with new smooth glossy and long hair.

-Split end Cutting machine
-Styling comb
-2 Separators/ Clips

 -cleaning brush

-1/8 "Trim Spacer
-1/4 "Trim Spacer
-Instruction manual

Brand : Tuzech

product policy - this product is not replaceable and not refundable

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